Free WP-Membership



  • Register pages now use Short codes
  • Enhanced the Dashboard Widget
  • Short code based partial content protection
  • Updated minimum supported WordPress version to 2.8.0
  • Moved Payment Gateway Interface (for future refactor)
  • Added a Login Widget
  • Enhanced minimum requirements checking


  • List % completed progress by Milestone in News & Info
  • Converted the LoginFrom and UserProfile macros to Wordpress Shortcode
  • Added a requirements check to the activation code
  • More general code cleanup (added comments, removed unused filters, refactored and reorginized code paths, etc)
  • Issues on News & Info are now sorted by release milestone

  • fixed an error in the installation of 1.1.6 that caused a server 500 error


  • Updated the readme.txt to better conform with's parser
  • Refactored Option Tabs (Code Cleanup)
  • Added Important Links to News & Info tab


  • Added Issues to News & Info tab
  • Fixed some more navigation issues (broken by removing the DRM) when accessing Payment Gateways, Feedback or Troubleshooting from the Settings menu


  • Integrated with's plugin database
  • Added an error message to the Feedback tab indicating that it's currently non-functional
  • Fixed some navigation that was broken after stripping out DRM
  • Payment Gateways were broken due removal of DRM
  • Stripped DRM from the original plug-in
  • Initial release as open source